Using a Respirometer – Spirometer to develop your breathing

Breathing for playing a brass and wind instrument should be as natural as possible. It is a natural process to breath in and breath out.
However, when playing a trumpet, we need to develop the breathing technique to be able to breath in and blow with as little tension as possible. In other words, we need to develop a natural breathing. This is ironic, as we mentioned previously that taking a breath is a natural process, so why should we develop this “natural” process?

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Breathing technique exercises: why bother about it?

As we progress with our playing, sooner or later we will realise that to achieve a consistant performance, we need to develop a consistant breathing technique.
The good news is that it is natural. So why bother with breathing exercises?
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Music and the basic principle of breathing

Trumpet and all brass instruments are wind instruments. Meaning that it needs wind (moving air) to make a sound.
With that in mind, let’s explore what is involved when playing a wind instrument…And how our breathing habits will greatly influence the quality of sound we produce, hence the music we make.
Often we hear people say “Blow hard” or “put a lot of air” to students and aspiring players when teaching or coaching them. While this is true, you need air, but we sometimes forget about the basic principles of blowing…Hmm this start to get interesting.

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