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SBP – Sing, Buzz and Play

When playing music, the most important is how it sounds…In other words, how well can you sing it.
Singing doesn’t always mean using your voice, but any instrument can be used to sing…
Sing with a trumpet sound, sing with a Tuba sound, or sing with a percussion sound.

It all comes down to how good a singer you are.

That of course doesn’t mean you have to have a great voice… unfortunately, not everybody have a great voice… But generally speaking, everybody can sing. (reminds me of a movie “Ratatouille” where Chef Gusteau mentioned that everybody can become a great cook.

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Yamaha Harmony Director HD200

The biggest challenge for a musician is to acquire a good sense of pitch and intonation. Music teachers and instructors are responsible for the ear training of the students, as it directly affects the outcome of his/her performing capabilities. However, very few tools are available to the instructors to help overcome this challenge.

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